DENBA FRYER releases electrons within the oil tank in all directions. It greatly slows down the combining of oil and water molecules, a system that is able to evaporate water with oil tank. By adding effect to water molecules, it can suppress the oxidization of oil. Moreover, the temperature required to fry food is reduced by 5 to 10 degrees. With a lower temperature in oil, it softens the oxidization effect, extending the longevity of frying oil. Reduces the splatter and oil odor during the frying process, as well as reducing the surrounding temperature around the oil tank. Therefore, it is able to make cleaning easier, costs cheaper, and improves cooking environments.


Effects of DENBA Fryer


Fry food at a lower temperature, reduce cost. Minimize oil splatters.
Suppress oil oxidization.


Shorten Cooking

Shortens frying time by 10-15%.
Synchronized temperature between surface and core of frying food


Healthy Food

Reduce oil absorption, up to 40% of fat reduction
Reduce carcinogenic material (Acrylamide) from forming

*※Acrylamide is a cancer-inducing material that is internationally recognized, and is determined to be “possible cancer material”


Effective Range
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The only oil that is close to the discharge plate is affected.



The discharging method effects the entire oil tank


Installation Time
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Oil degradation is due to the water mixed with oil. Water molecules in the food are decomposed because oxygen molecules are heated and caused it to be negatively charged. Which is then bond with the molecules of the oil that is positively charged and oxidize. The plate must be built accordingly to specifications.


With DENBA FRYER’s micro vibration of electrons, it can provide the same effect throughout the whole oil tank, preventing oil and water from combining, and evaporate water quickly. With our technology, it is possible to discharge such vibration for up to 100 liters on a single device. Simply submerge the discharge plate into oil tank for this effect!


Other Benefits
Similar Products DENBA FRYER
Electric bills 2mA 0.2mA (Only 10 Percent)
Correspond Oil Tank Capacity 20 Liters 100 Liters
Install Cost 18 Liters cost (One layer only) 1,250 ~ 3750 USD One machine may affect two layers
Voltage 1,000 to 4000V, Very high Discharge in under 1,000V
Safety It is possible to cover the inner machine with insulator Even touching the discharge plate directly will not cause any harm


Customer case study

Case study

Cooking Condition:
Normal Oil Tank 180 degree 3Min. (Core temperature above 75 degrees after cooking)
DENBA FRYER 170 degree 2Min. (Core temperature above 75 degrees after cooking)


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