More value at lower cost! 

Fresher fish of higher quality and prolonged shelflife so less foodwaste. And, with lower use of energy,less driploss and no freshwater use.

Singel unit of PicoICE

Single unit of PicoICE® 

 Unique pegged shape ice fractions allows for contoured coating of raw material due to superior density and “Silky” texture. Note that all edges are soft/rounded on all ice-particles allowing immediate and full cooling effect.

Explaining the Results – PicoICE® Cooling Capacity v/s Flake ice

– PicoICE® “picoscopic multi-ice concept” unique design allows full flexibility in multiple ice-temperatures and ice simultaneously applied to fully comply with different cooling required on each processing stage in each application.

– Each of the variable PicoICE® solutions shown below will retain- and hold a much higher “immediately usable” cooling capacity to chill fish from point of application and once in contact with fish – unlike flake ice / conventional ice methods.

At PicoICE® with 40% ice concentration, this cooling capacity is actually 10 times higher compared to flake ice!

Cooling Capacity PicoICE vs Seawater (CSW)