PicoICE® -This is how it works…

PicoICE® is a picoscopic silky-ice technology to keeps food fresher longer, drastically reducing bacterial growth and spoilage. Made directly from fresh sea water it’s completely natural and gently preserves freshness without freezing or bruising the raw material.

Less than a micron in diameter, silky soft ice particles ensure full contact with the surface of product, dramatically reducing the times for lowering product core temperature.

Since PicoICE® is produced in a liquid form, it is silk-soft and extremely gentle on delicate product skin; it causes no bruising compared to hard and sharp flake ice or crushed ice flakes during transportation or in retail displays.

PicoICE® provides a revolutionary Cold-Chain-Control as it can produce multiple forms of ice simultaneously and is ideal for use on all seafood, fruits, vegetables, poultry and meats.

PicoICE Fish vs Flake ice Fish

Towards a new ice age

The PicoICE® Technology can seriously help reduce food waste in all food sectors around the Globe. The systems are scalable and ideal for use in fields, on-board ships and boats, in retail outlets and ALL on demand.

They are compact and highly energy efficient when compared to conventional ice methods and require far less refrigerant charge.

Since PicoICE® simultaneously hydrates and rapidly chills there is reduced oxidation, shrinkage and prevented weight loss, resulting in higher yield and LESS FOOD WASTE!

Shelf life is extended with every measure improved: Improved weight, appearance, nutritional value and taste.

Over 20 years of expertise and know how offers a unique food preservation technology providing much improved food quality, higher nutrition, increased value and less food waste.

PicoICE® Technology is designed to improve overall efficiency in food preservation and aimed to improve production costs, value and food quality in various food processing sectors in countries around the world.

Our three Primary Goals

– Preserve natural resource yields
– Deliver sustainable and efficient systems that enhance food preservation, extend shelf life, increase food nutrition and value.
– Eliminate post-harvest food waste!

The Main Benefits

Rapid Core Cooling…
Cools your fresh products many times faster than other conventional methods.

“Super-Chilling” Core Temperature…
Super fast and gentle cooling of fresh products achieved without freezing the raw material.

Long Term Fresh Storage…
Maintenance of “Super-Chilling” most ideal low core temperature is extremely important to ensure longer shelf life of fresh chilled products.

Bacterial Growth Prevention…
Cools so fast that it actually slows the growth rates of many forms of bacteria, preserving the valuable natural nutrients and increasing the shelf life.

Dual Output Technology…
Thick or thin ice at variable temperatures available simultaneously on demand.

Easy to Use…
Highly efficient and compact design.

Greatly Prevents Weight Loss…
Maintained super low core temperature during long term storage reduces shrinkage and greatly prevents weight loss resulting in higher landed and sellable weight of fresh products.

Small Footprint Applications…

Compact and scalable ice machine design for big and small boats.

Convenient Ice Delivery…
Efficient, work-saving and product gentle ice delivery – no shoveling! Ice delivered directly from ice machines or from ice buffer tanks.

Cost Efficient…
Highly efficient silk-ice production directly from fresh seawater on board and always on demand! PicoICE® boats and ships never run out of ice!

Compact and Efficient Design

Engineered for Marine Standards

Scalable, robust, cost efficient and portable units, water-, sea-water- or air cooled for Marine or Land based applications.

Highly energy efficient – low refrigerant charge.

Mobile units utilize revolutionary technology in processing, on board, on site and on demand.

Well insulated stainless steel design ice storage tanks available in various sizes for most efficient and effective PicoICE® distribution.

Boats can hold fresh fish in pristine condition longer, stay longer at sea, greatly reducing peak season pressure and burn less fuel.

Pure seawater IN – PicoICE® OUT on demand!


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