We’re Green Iceberg

We are about fact based sustainable value creation in the full fresh-food value chain. Fresher Food. Reinvented.

Our mission

We combine our deep understanding of the full fresh food value chain with our unique game changing preservation technology

Fresher food, longer shelf life, less waste, at less energy consumption and less complexity

Our logo says it all

We deliver on what’s above the surface better, because we understand and recognize the underlying driving forces.

Our differentiators

What we’re good at.


Industry expertise of the full fresh-food value chain


Focus on the result for the customer is our driving force


Passionate for game changing technology and innovation in food


Focus on delivery with a personal and tailored approach

What we have done

Our Latest & Greatest Works


PicoICE Fish vs Flake ice Fish


PicoICE® -This is how it works… PicoICE® is a picoscopic silky-ice technology to keeps food fresher longer, drastically reducing bacterial growth and spoilage. Made directly from fresh sea water it’s completely natural and gently preserves freshness without freezing or bruising the [...]

Key Benefits of PicoICE®

Our Preservation Technology PiC

Key Benefits of PicoICE®

More value at lower cost!  Fresher fish of higher quality and prolonged shelflife so less foodwaste. And, with lower use of energy,less driploss and no freshwater use. Single unit of PicoICE®   Unique pegged shape ice fractions allows for contoured coating of [...]

Fresher Food. Reinvented.

Our Team

Who makes things happen

All sharing the same passion for quality food and high level preservation technology, we came together as a team to identify how our shared experiences delivers value to our customers and stakeholders. By continuously identifying what they need, and then to translate this into added value. With expertise, impact, a personal touch and an innovative look; this is how we deliver!

Lars Berg - CEO



Lars brings years of experience in refrigeration and holds a deep insight into where new technologies are emerging. As the CEO Lars has a deep passion for Green Iceberg to create value for customer in the fresh food value chain.

Snaebjorn Gudnasson - CTO

Snaebjørn Tr.


Snaebjørn holds a deep understanding of the application of innovative technology into production and supply chain. Being the inventor of PicoICE® technology he is very committed to prove the value for your business applying PicoICE® in your activity.

John Smit - CCO



With an in depth experience in downstream value creation for retail, food service and online and having worked for more than 25 years in international food business John knows how to create value for your business, both downstream and from an internal organizational perspective.

Leif Oestli - partner



Leif enjoys working in an international network and has built high level business relationships throughout the industry. The network he holds and the insight he has into global food developments will support putting your business in the relevant context.

Sturla Hestmark - CFO



Installing game changing technology often leaves the customer with several questions on efficiency parameters, value parameters and other capital related uncertainties. Having worked all his life in international businesses on innovation and technology, Sturla supports our customers clarifying the true potential and business cases of our technologies.

Information that we believe is “Food for Thought”

Latest Thoughts

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