We are committed to meeting all your service needs with our team of highly trained professionals. Our wide range of services includes site surveys, project management, installation and commissioning, preventive maintenance, system maintenance,  product repair and replacement, and training. High efficiency/energy saving CE and Rohs marking certification for complete compliance with European standards.


Our team evaluates the technical characteristics, overall dimensions and the requirements applicable to our solutions for the integration in your system.

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A full report follows each visit. This gives you an update on the condition of your equipment and helps you plan upgrading, expansion or renewal.

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We provide preventive and system maintenance, a regular check on your equipment often prevents expensive repairs by identifying any fault or weakness as early as possible..

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Green Iceberg® is a group of limited companies to be operating in the Nordic – and Baltic Countries as well as in the UK. Green Iceberg® focuses on systems using advanced technologies that are green, ecological and sustainable, in order to provide optimized solutions to environmental challenges in the field of food preservation as well as water treatment and organic waste.



Let’s look at the water. Water is everywhere. Water is the basis of life, it’s all living organisms first support.


For many years, Green Iceberg Group has explored the properties and powers of water. Now, as specialists of the water universe, we consider water in all its dimensions, properties and usages, as an integrated flowing process. The deep knowledge has collected on water opens access to breakthrough technologies and significant improvements for emitting electromagnetic flux, refrigeration, freezing and defrosting of seafood and food, as well as fish waste, nano gas bubbles in water and sludge treatment technologies.

Our Projects



Our innovative technologies and solutions resolve existing refrigeration and freezing systems more effectively, reduce and improve the life shelf time, reduce dripping when thawing and retain quality of seafood.


Our unique products and solution design of the existing and new recirculated aquaculture systems, lower investment and opertional costs and simplifies maintenance.


Our new solutions for nano oxygen and ozone bubbles in the water have proven to provide enhanced disinfecting and oxidizing capabilities, and reduce unhealthy substances swimming pools, spas, therapy pools and water features.

We provide innovative nano product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness for our customers.