GREEN ICEBERG®  is a group of limited companies based in Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark

GREEN ICEBERG® is a group of limited companies to be operating in the Nordic – and Baltic Countries as well as in the UK. GREEN ICEBERG®  is an Exclusive Distributor and focuses on systems using new and advanced technologies that are green and sustainable, in order to provide optimized solutions to environmental challenges in the field of food preservation as well as water treatment and organic waste. We provide sales of products and solutions,  and consultancy to our customers.


Our Vision


Let’s look at the water. Water is everywhere. Water is the basis of life, it’s all living organisms first support.


For many years, Green Iceberg Group has explored the properties and powers of water. Now, as specialists of the water universe, we consider water in all its dimensions, properties and usages, as an integrated flowing process. The deep knowledge has collected on water opens access to breakthrough technologies and significant improvements for emitting electromagnetic flux, refrigeration, freezing and defrosting of seafood and food, as well as fish waste, nano gas bubbles in water and sludge treatment technologies.


Our innovative range of energy, waste and water-related solutions and services work, from increase food shelf lifetime and quality, utilize the organic waste to viable bi-products, and surface to the ground in any water source (dam, pond, tank, reservoir, river) through water eco-remediation and sustainable development. We utilize chemical-free cleaning technologies, including purification, sanitation, disinfection solutions and include lower energy use and running costs, with very high efficiency. 



Innovative and sustainable food

preservation for freshness, freezing and thawing

Affordable treatment of waste and converting

waste to bi-products, heat, and electricity

Water treatment using nanobubbles and

activated water without the use of chemicals

Business summary

Exclusive Distributor
Installation and Maintenance of Power Supplies
Sales of Ceramic products (Active Water Device)
Sales of Nano Bubble Water Devices
Sales of Pumps and Inlet-Filters
Consultancy Food Preservation, Waste and Water


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Japanese and Chinese Trademark
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Taiwan Patent Pending: 104103640
U.S. Patent Pending: US14/743934
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India Patent Pending: 201637027650
International Pending Patent: PCT