AGUACLEAN – Frequently Asked Question

What is Aguaclean Water Activator?

Aguaclean water activator passed JWWA’s (Japan Water Works Association) standard endurance and safety tests


What’s the difference between the water activator and water purifier?

Water purifier removes the impurity substances and peculiar smell in the water and is used only for drinking water. Water purifier not only eliminates the impurity substances and peculiar smell but also purifies minerals and nutrition constituents that benefit to health. Aguaclean Water Activator activates water, adjust and replenish minerals. Activated water could be used for drinking, washing, taking a bath and etc.


Where to install water activator?

Water activator could be installed inside and outside of the room. It has to be installed vertically behind the water meter to make the water flow from bottom up. The installation space needed is varied based on the model of the water activator. 


Can it be installed by oneself?

It should be installed by the technician.


What about the size of Aguaclean water activator?

Please go to the product data for detailed measurements or contact our salesperson for more details at


Does water activator need any power?

It does not need any power. It only uses the pressure of water supply to make the complex mineral ceramic balls to radiate long-infrared rays that produce ion and activate water.


What is the daily operating cost?

The system doesn’t have daily operating cost. The only cost will occur is periodical maintenance cost.


Does it need maintenance or after sale service?

Composite mineral ceramic balls should be cleaned or replaced within 3 years of installation. The client can choose maintenance plan and cost according to the model of the water activator. Perform scheduled maintenance could endure the life of the water activator.


How will the running water be changed?

As we know, the untreated water is hard water. After being activated, water becomes soft and taste delicious. This is because that water becomes easier to absorb other molecules that embody the effects of the interfacial activity. 


What about its function on running water?

The long-infrared rays radiated by the complex mineral ceramic balls could weaken the strength the water molecules in the cluster and change the cluster to independent small molecules. It also promotes the ionization of water molecules and keeps the weak alkaline of water.


Could it get rid of the effluvium of chlorine?

For the reason of health, water activator can’t remove chlorine but could get rid of the effluvium of chlorine and other chlorides that make the water almost have no bad smell except in areas that often take chlorination.


Is there any problem in safety?

After a detailed analysis of the efflux flow out from the water activator, the numerical data is lower than the standards of running water that shows it is very safe. The equipment had passed the examination under the pressure 7-8 times to the normal water.

What’s its connection with health?

The natural mineral Aiks used in the water activator produce a lot of anions that benefit the health of people.


What’s the difference between mineral water and activated water?

Activated water could be supplied directly through water supply for various purposes. Mineral water acid water that only used for drinking and is not good to health by using for a long time. The activated water can be used for various purposes and it is economic, it could be drunk safely and deliciously. Actually, after installing the water activator some people won’t drink mineral water or use water purifier anymore. 


What’s small water cluster?

The normal state of water is not an independent molecule of H2O but connected by hydrogen bonds that called “cluster”. The size of the cluster had never been specially calculated, but it really exists. The hydrogen bonds between water molecules could be broken by the effect of long-infrared rays and ion that make the cluster become smaller.


Why do foods cook with the activated water become delicious?

The taste of foods varies with each people. For example, the activated water keeps the raw foods fresh that make it delicious. As we cooking foods, the foods and water become together and its taste depends on the quality of water. The activated water could soak into foods in a short time that makes the rice come out nice and fluffy, the noodle becomes very tenacious, the soup and dishes become delicious.


Why does coffee and red tea become more delicious?

The activated water could sufficiently dissolve and disperse the essences well that make coffee and tea taste more delicious.


Why could the raw vegetables keep fresh for a long time?

The activated water could directly act at the cell of raw vegetables and hold the breeding of bacteria that could keep the vegetables fresh for a long time.


Why could the rice come out nice and fluffy?

The activated water is easier to be absorbed by the rice and could strengthen the fusion of rice that makes the rice not adhesive. 


Why the stale rice won’t be yellowed or rotten?

The rice becomes yellowed or rotten is because the quality of protein in the rice was changed. The activated water could hold the breeding of bacteria and prevent changes of the protein that keep the rice fresh.


Why does the water from the water tank taste bad?

The water in the water tank has not enough oxygen and carbon dioxide, it will also be polluted by algae and dirt.


Why does the pipe stop rust?

Red rust is formulated with iron II oxide(Fe2O3)that couldn’t be oxidized but can be partly deoxidized. The partly oxidized iron II oxide will change to black rust (iron III oxide Fe3O4) which couldn’t be dissolved in water. The activated water could dissolve the red rust in the pipes and remain the black rust to protect the pipes that make the pipe stop to get rust.


Why does the rusty water flow out from the water tap?

Red rust is fragile and could become micron that spread into the water which called rusty water. Red rust could be dissolved, but black rust couldn’t be dissolved. Black rust will turn to red rust again in normal running water, but won’t be changed any more in the activated water because of the deoxidization effect of the activated water. There won’t be any rusty water flow out from pipes.


How long will it take to stop the rusty water after the installation of the water activator?

According to the conditions of red rust, it will take minimally one month and maximally six months to stop the rusty water. If cleansing the pipes in advance, the water will become clear the next day. We recommend cleaning the pipes in advance as possible as you can, although it costs some money. 


Will the rusty water reoccur?

If keep using the activated water, rusty water won’t reoccur.


Comparing the cost of renewing the pipes and installing Aguaclean water activator, which is more economical?

The cost of renewing the pipes is about 300,000-500,000 yen every family. The cost of installing Aguaclean water activator is one digit less than it and the term of installation is short. If plus the cost of cleaning the pipes, the total cost will be 1.2 times.


Could Aguaclean water activator prevent scale?

Of course. The caking of the scale is caused by the constitution of schistose crystal. The activated water could constitute acicular crystal that won’t adhere and could be flushed away. The formed schistose crystal also could be flushed away after a period of time by the effects of the activated water. 


Could it reduce the bad smells of the pipe drain?

The bad smell is caused by the rot of foods and dirt adhered on the pipe drain. The activated water could prevent the dirt adhering to the pipe drain and hold the appearance of bad smells that keep a sanitary environment.


What’s the effect of long-infrared rays and ionization?

The wavelength of infrared rays is longer than visible ray’s, the wavelength of long-infrared rays is longer than infrared ray’s(about4-14㎛). The long-infrared rays could improve the activity of water molecules and break the weak hydrogen bonds between water molecules. Effect of ion is that when water goes through the complex mineral ceramic balls that produce out ion and promote the ionization of water molecules.


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