Aguaclean – Benefits and Features


Aguaclean leading a new trend of drinking water. The Aguaclean series long-infrared complex mineral ceramic water activator we produced reaches the purposes of “protecting the environment”, “reducing expenditure”, and “creating healthy and comfortable life” in use of water”. At the same time, our clients set a high value on our product. In recent years, to improve the quality of drinking water, the water treatments on the market basically use filter, electrolyzer, deoxidizer that preventing rust, or magnetizer that using the effect of magnetic field.

Aguaclean water activator is different from the above equipment in principle and purpose. When water flows over the complex ceramic water activator made of various mineral matters under high temperature, the radiation of long-infrared rays and effect of ionization could activate water, and also has effects of antibiosis and deodorization, etc.

The Aguaclean products are quick-acting, safety, endurable, easy to install and operate. Aguaclean water activator is approved got by the JWWA (Japan Water Works Association) for endurance and safety.The registration number of certification is Z-44. It also had been certified by the Minister of Construction. The registration number of certification is No. 1631 issued by the Construction Supervisor Division of Housing Bureau Tokyo, Ministry of Construction. AguaClean Ltd the first and only one company producing water activator that certified by the Ministry of Construction.

The usage of domestic and industrial water supply is increasing year by year, but the quality of water has no improvements. We will peep on devoting to the research and developing of more perfect and brilliant products for all the clients. We sincerely hope that you could support and encourage us as always.


The principles of Aguaclean water activator

The natural water on the ground and in the sea or river can change into vapor and evaporate into the air under the irradiation of sunlight. After changing into the rain, it falls to the ground and penetrates into the underground. At the same time, it absorbs the long-infrared rays and plentiful mineral matters from rocks and granite that make it change to be the activated water.

The complex ceramic balls inside Aguaclean water activator are made of 51 types of natural rocks under special process (such as a high temperature of 1300℃). It could radiate long-infrared rays with the wavelength of 4-14㎛. Tape water changes as below by going through the complex ceramic balls:

1.Cluster becomes smaller: the long-infrared rays radiated by the complex ceramic balls resonate with water molecule and change the physical structure of water molecules that make the cluster become smaller and improve the effect of dissolution
2.Supply mineral matters: the complex ceramic balls release particle of needed mineral matters that good to health.
3.Produce anion: the complex ceramic balls (mainly AiKs) produce lots of anions that benefit health.
4.Promote the interfacial activity: improve the impregnability and solvency of water, prevent the crystallization of inorganic substances
5.Make the pH value of water near to weak alkaline: water becomes softer, weaken the stimulation of the skin.

Generally, Aguaclean Water Activator uses the limited space inside to activate water flowing over ultimately; weaken the stickiness of water; improve the solvency, impregnability, and dispersancy of water; and restore the energy of natural water.

AGUA International Co. Ltd. is the only one company producing the complex mineral ceramic Water Activator in Japan. Its technology of “manufacturing process of antibiotic and deoxy complex ceramics” had applied for the Inventive Patent. The number of patents is 1980435. Aguaclean Water Activator has reliable quality and unique synthetic effect of water treatment. Other similar products can’t compare with it. Aguaclean activated water has magical effects and is widely used in all field need of water, such as mansion, hotel, restaurant, hospital, school, companies, etc.

Leading new trend of drinking water and housing equipment

Aguaclean Water Activator has excellent effects and is recognized by many major companies of construction and real estate. These companies put our products on their commercial advertisement to show the new promoting point of competitive eco-housing.


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