Ceramics and Activated Water


Innovative solutions, which resolve existing water treatment problems more effectively and radically reduce consumption of natural resources.





Activated Water Technology

The technology uses principles of natural water on the ground and in the sea or river can change into vapor and evaporate into the air under the irradiation of sunlight. After changing into the rain, it falls to the ground and penetrates into the underground. At the same time, it absorbs the long-infrared rays and plentiful mineral matters from rocks and granite that make it change to be the activated water. Our technology is similar to the miniature of waterfall, brook, and fountain. It could improve the energy of natural water ultimately by applying the principle of the purification and activation of natural water. As we know, water is formulated by molecules (indicated as H2O), the normal state of water is not independent molecule but connected by hydrogen bonds like the bunch of grapes which called “cluster”. After being activated, the cluster becomes smaller. The smaller the cluster is, the stronger the impregnability becomes. The complex ceramic balls inside water activator are made of over 50 types of natural rocks under special process (such as the high temperature of 1300℃). It could radiate long-infrared rays with the wavelength of 4-14㎛. Tape water changes as below by going through the complex ceramic balls: Cluster becomes smaller: the long-infrared rays radiated by the complex ceramic balls resonate with the water molecule and change the physical structure of water molecules that make the cluster become smaller and improve the effect of dissolution. Supply mineral matters: the complex ceramic balls release particle of needed mineral matters that good to health. Produce anion: the complex ceramic balls produce lots of anions that benefit health. Promote the interfacial activity: improve the impregnability and solvency of water, prevent the crystallization of inorganic substances. Make the pH value of water near to weak alkaline: water becomes softer, weaken the stimulation of the human and fish skin.



Activated Seawater System

By using activated seawater and static electricity generated inside our system. This discharges the positive ions and retains the negative ions. Fullerene Spheres generate further charge and together with photoelectron technology, it generates a high quantity of negative ions. Atom chips also distribute a variety of beneficial lights, such as far infrared rays to add further benefits to the water. The system does not need electricity or power supply to function.


Nanocomposite technology is used for the production of the Chips. The idea behind Nanocomposite is to use building blocks with dimensions in nanometer range to design and create new materials with unprecedented flexibility and improvement in their physical properties.  All the materials are chosen for its ability to give off negative ions, which is multiplied by the nano-composite technology, the smaller the size of building blocks, the larger the surface area it has the more powerful it works. 


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