Characteristics of Activated Water


Effects of the activated water used as domestic water

The activated water is deodorant and antibiotic, it also supplies natural mineral matters that make
water softer. It remains chlorine but holds the effluvium of chlorine.


Make foods retain the flavor and more delicious
The rice could come out nice and fluffy, the noodles become tenacious, coffee and red tea become more flavorous and delicious. The sink will not be furred and the drain will not have effluvium.


Environmentally good water properties
Make the drainage of daily life become clean and protect the environment


Good for the growth of plants and fish
Make plants thrive,  flowers enduringly bloom and increase fish growth


Have a comfortable and refreshing bath
The activated water has a good effect of preserving the moisture of skin and less of stimulation. It could provide a safe and comfortable bath for people with delicate skins, children and old people. The bath tube will not be furred.


Efficient washing
Wash with only a few of detergent. The activated water enhances the efficiency of washing and has an effect on saving water.


Refreshing the circumstance of toilet
The activated water could prevent the crystallization of fur or urinary calculus and flush it away before adhering that prevent the spread of various kinds of minor germs and bad smells.


Prevent the occurrence of rusty water
If the activated water flows over the rusty pipes, it not only could prevent the occurrence of rust, but also change the red rust to stable black rust that extends the life of pipes.


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