Innovative Food Preservation

Green Iceberg brings to you in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, an enhanced food chain preservation technology that supports, grows and sustains your business like no other. More than doubling the shelf life in many cases, supporting freshness from farm to plate. Retain more than 98% of weight, flavor, and taste. Nearly no change in weight of products even after 8 months of storage. Suppress bacteria growth, keeping food fresh for a long period of time. Prevention of mixed odor. Thawed foods retain their original shape, color, and taste- even at – 4 degrees Celsius. The system does not allow the product to freeze, thereby preventing dripping.


Green Iceberg is the Exclusive Distributor and is proud to present the latest in food preservation technologies from Japan. Our products are patented Japanese technology that is creating ripples in the food and storage industry the world over.


Preservation to a least two times and less reduced Ageing

Thawing with over 50% reduction in Drip

  • Supression of Bacteria Growth
  • Prevention of Mix Odour and Off-Taste
  • Retains freshness after prolonged Storage
  • Keeps the Taste as when Food was Harvested

Maintain Freshness with almost Zero Percent % Loss Rates

Cold Storages
Deep Freezers
Mobile Storages 

The exclusive static emitting wave technology causes the electrostatic field to be generated within a refrigerated area, with electronic vibration, whereby water molecules are unable to freeze even under the sub-zero environment. It is harder for Bacteria to survive in such temperatures and the created environment. The electric field also prevents food oxidation, as well as antibacterial effects. This system can be deployed in a stationary or mobile refrigerator and freezer, including Cold Storages. The system also has an effect when deployed at room temperatures. Although the results may vary.


Meat Bacterial Growth Comparison



Fresh food, higher quality, high-end restaurants normal Time to Market could be anything from 1, one, day to almost 10, ten,  days before the product actually reaches a consumer. Before the product reaches a consumer, the entire supply chain is in a firefight to bring the product into the market at the earliest. This is most cases is to prevent rotting of the food, which results in wastage and a big revenue loss for the most part of the supply chain.  Food waste has a negative impact on margins and profitability. Poor product quality and temperature fluctuations with existing technology may lead to negative perception and product experience by consumers and customers. Massive food waste affects the corporate image. Food waste leads also increased the amount of money spent by the end consumer.  Shared food waste in the cold supply chain to the plate is 21% loss in production, 0,1% in transport, 17% in retail, and 61% for the end consumer1/3 of all food produced is wasted globally every year at a price tag of USD 920bn for the whole value chain. *2015 figures: ForMat research published 2016, 355128 tons eatable food wasted in 2015 in Norway. To fully utilize the technologies capabilities we may integrate our solutions in an existing cold supply chain with temperature monitoring systems to gain maximum benefits and shelf life for the end-products.


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