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Our UFB generator is an essential complement to any dissolved air flotation clarifier. It produces trillions of microscopic, nano-sized oxygen bubbles that attach themselves to the suspended particles present in water, thus making them extremely buoyant. Given proper water conditioning and suitable fine bubble size, even solids with densities higher than that of water can be raised to the surface of the clarifier.


Most modern dissolved air flotation systems require that a certain portion of clarified water be recirculated back through a bubble generator.  Green Iceberg™ UFB generator is unique from all other aeration devices because of its ability to consistently generate bubbles of proper size with no coarse oxygen bubbles. Once introduced into a DAF clarifier tank,  Green Iceberg™ UFB bubbles rise to the surface at the rate of approximately 20-30 cm per minute, creating a thick float on the water’s surface.


All particles have a “surface charge” when present in water. Just like “surface area”, it is a fundamental parameter that directly impacts the performance characteristics of any suspension, such as surface chemical activity. Surface charge effects are normally negligible for massive solids, but they become dominant in the description of colloidal behavior.


Oxygen bubbles in water are negatively charged. The high concentration of negatively-charged paramagnetic UFBs created by the Green Iceberg’s generator has two effects on particles suspended in water: (1) it alters the ionic equilibria of any dissolved ionic species in a solution and (2) it changes the net charge on a particle surface. Both directly impact the stability of the particle suspension.


This substantial increase in the interface between air and water provides a much greater contact area for better chemical mixing. It impacts the efficiency of chemical reactions with any dissolved or suspended components in the water and enhances aerobic bacterial activity.





 Passes solids up to 12 mm
 Utilizes existing pump
 100-300 PSI Compressed Gas
 Adjustable air to water ratios
 Uniform bubble size
 Models from 100 to 2200 Lpm
 Pre-packaged ready for operation


 Reduce process time by half
 Improves flotation and float mat in any type of cell
 Improves TSS removal efficiencies
 Space-saving – eliminates large size dissolving tanks
 Reduces city sewer surcharge and chemical costs
 20x more efficient transfer of gas
 Extremely compact size can be mounted on existing piping
 Eliminates troublesome piping connection


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