Process and Fish Waste

The industries need to utilize more by-products from fish, crustaceans, mollusks, etc… A Norwegian industry organization estimates that the value of by-products may fivefold if more of the by-products are being processed into food for humans and ingredients in foodstuff, health foods, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc….

Successful utilization of by-products is a matter of combining knowledge about technology and markets. Even with the very best technology, it is a question of identifying and gaining access to attractive markets that makes the difference. The clue is to work with professionals that are market-oriented on behalf of their clients.

Fish meal is not fish-meal. Applying the right expertise and technology you may improve the quality making it possible to enter profitable market segments. Studies say that fish meal with high ash level is preferred in cod and eel feed. The gills in fish may have a promising future as raw material for the production of one of the world’s most widely used pharmaceuticals in surgeries with a global market of 5,0 billion and growing more than 10% a year. Peptides, a customized protein, from fish are used in sports drinks used by top athletes. Access to low-cost labor can be the competitive advantage as it can make it economical to remove selected parts for further processing.