Preserving food below 0 degrees Celcius without freezing it, maintain food freshness. Greatly reduce food loss, keeping the original food taste.


Effects of DENBA+ and DENBA S

Remain unfrozen even below 0 degrees Celcius

Suppresses bacteria growth down to 1 / 30!

Keeping food fresh by vitalizing food cells


Comparison after two weeks


Normal Traditional Beef Preservation



The color changed in the fats (lipids) and meat (protein)

Natural decomposition and bacterial growth


Our solutions



No color changed in the fats (lipids) and meat (protein)

Original freshness sustained


Beef Bacteria Growth Comparison



Preventing food from being frozen in temperatures as low as – 4, minus four, degrees Celcius. Maintaining freshness and extending the preservation period. With our exclusive technology, we cause the electrostatic field to be generated within a refrigerator, with electronic vibration, water molecules are not able to freeze even under the sub-zero environment (Foods in such temperature are harder for bacteria to survive). In addition, the electric field prevents food oxidation, as well as the antibacterial effects mentioned below. This system may be deployed in the refrigerator or freezer, maintaining food freshness.


For household or commercial refrigerators. Can also be equipped with custom-made, commercial or specialized refrigerators.


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