Static Emitting Waves


Our technologies are focused on increasing the shelf life of Farm Produce, Poultry, Meat, Sea Food products and reduce wastage. Food wastage problem today and adopt a technology that supports increased shelf life and yet delivers a sustained and profitable business model for you.


World leading Food Products Technology that improves food loss, which to create value for refrigerating and freezing related solutions that reduce food loss by emitting static vibrates water molecules with the same wavelength. The release of static waves reverses the oxidization effect and releases electro energy.


An electromagnetic field is generated at a specific frequency that does not change the physiological composition of food. Water, being dipolar, can be partially aligned by an electric field. All food contains water molecules in organic tissue. A hydrogen atom (positive charge) and an oxygen atom (negative charge), which make up the molecules of water (H2O), move together and micro-vibrate in order to align to the electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field emitted and absorbed by water molecules in food will change their rotational-vibrational movements.


When the stimulus is applied to the water molecules, the molecules present plus or minus electricity because of electrons (negative charges) are injected into the molecules. The state of lack of electrons is called +ionization and state of an excess of electrons is called -ionization. This prevents oxidation of food because of the oxygen gas molecules from the air, suppresses the growth of the bacteria, maintains the freshness, ripens food ingredients over time and greatly reduce food loss rates.



By vitalizing food cells with static waves, it can prolong the length of food shelf life, suppress bacteria growth, and greatly reduce food loss rates.  The waves are generated within a refrigerated area, with electronic vibration, such that water molecules are unable to freeze even under the sub-zero environment. It is harder for Bacteria to survive in such temperatures and the created environment. The electric field also prevents food oxidation and has an antibacterial effect.


Freshness Keeping, Freezing, Thawing, 3 in 1, greatly reducing food loss rate. No direct contact required, the static waves travel through air, from the first device that emits static in the airspace. Giving the user and customer the most profitable outcome with minimum investments.  Can be installed in refrigerators, containers etc., with individual settings. We can customize based on your needs. This system can be deployed in a stationary or mobile refrigerator and freezer, including Cold Storages. Integrate our solutions into your entire supply chain to gain maximum benefit.




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