UFB Generator – Frequently Asked Questions


Will UFB Gas solution clog?
No. Our patent-pending technologies are designed to not clog even in the heaviest, dirtiest water. This enables the equipment to work in industrial environments.


Is UFB Gas Technologies providing Dissolved Air Flotation?
No. UFB Gas disperses the gas in solution to separate oil, solids, and water. Dispersed gas is a completely different technology with some tremendous benefits.


Does UFB Gas Technologies use cavitation to produce its bubble?
No. Cavitation requires high levels of energy. In general, Cavitation separates water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. UFB Gas Technologies adds gases like nitrogen and carbon dioxide in addition to oxygen. This creates a much more energy efficient and effective process.


Does UFB Gas Technologies use reverse osmosis in its solution?
No. It is not a filtration process.


Does UFB Gas use shearing to generate its bubbles?
No. UFB Gas Technologies uses a different technology that costs roughly half as much as the most advanced shearing technologies to operate. It generates 16X the long-term, sustained gas saturation in source water.


Does UFB Gas use a venturi oxygenator with magnetic ionization?
No. UFB Gas generates 2-3 times higher gas separation with a half-life that is 30 times greater. UFB Gas’ technology generates much higher PPM gas saturation with a much longer half-life.


Does the machinery monitor and keep optimal gas levels?
Yes. UFB Gas has advanced, proprietary software that monitors all aspects of production. Water flow, gas levels, and target chemistry/biology is monitored and controlled.


Will it handle the volume?
Yes. UFB Gas Technologies scales well and is adaptable to demand.


Does it require maintenance?
UFB Gas services and maintains the systems. The system is designed to last for years. UFB Gas comes on site to perform routine maintenance.


Is it energy intensive?
No. UFB Gas Technologies produces a dramatic effect on wastewater using a fraction of the energy required by other alternative technologies. The core treatment water is infused to 640 ppm of gas and diluted to desired levels efficiently.


Can it handle gases other than oxygen?
Yes. Any water-soluble gas can be used to treat water including CO2 and nitrogen with UFB Gas Technologies. The atmosphere can also be used as a source gas.


Can some of our solutions mobile?
Yes. Standard equipment may fully mobile. Larger scale, non-mobile units can also be manufactured and retrofitted into existing solutions.


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