The uniqueness of Static Emitting Technology



Basic principle
Water, being dipolar, can be partially aligned by an electric field. All food contains water molecules in organic tissue. A hydrogen atom (positive charge) and an oxygen atom (negative charge), which make up the molecules of water (H2O), move together and micro-vibrate in order to align to the electromagnetic field. It is similar to the principle of moving of mariner’s compass close to a magnet, and the subsequent disorientation of the compass.


  1.  The technology is consists of Co-frequency (subsonic vibrations) resonance principle.
  2. The resonance actives the water molecules inside the food.
  3. Under this environment, the growth of bacteria will be suppressed.
  4. The output of frequency is based on the power supply, 50Hz or 60 Hz.


Technology effects

The simultaneous defrosting of inside / outside of food ingredients. The technology quickly switches the bond structure of the water molecules in the solid (ice) state to the state of liquid (water) because the electromagnetic field penetrates the frozen food and promotes water molecular motion (thermal conductivity). The minor electronic vibrations prevent water molecules from solidifying under 0℃ to -4℃, which again creates a sub-zero chilled environment. The effects include bacteriostatic and bactericidal, which prevents food from oxidizing and maintains freshness. In contrast, conventional defrosting/ freezing methods are transmitting heat or energy from the outer layer of the ingredients, while creating large temperature differences between the exterior and interior of the product during the freezing / defrosting. These conventional methods are far more time to consume than our patented technology.


Release static waves, reverse oxidization effect and releases electro energy.



Liquid retention in below zero temperature (supercooling)

Electromagnetic fields released do not make ice crystals or seed crystals, but a state of supercooling which drop below freezing point. As a result, they maintain a liquid state because the water molecules cannot combine with the hydrogen when the temperature is stable between 0 to -4 degrees Celsius. Electromagnetic fields can move or vibrate by generating a wavelength within in the molecule, allowing a cluster of water molecules by their electron microscopic vibrations.


Patented Technology

Adhering to the “green goods” concept, we develop the technology to create value for customers. Insist on high quality and customer trust, to maintain the world-leading position of food preservation and improve all cold chain systems.


Safety ensured

Awarded with the Japanese electrical appliances Safety Act certification “PSE”. Without relying on chemical and other food additives, keeping food fresh with its own vitality.  Aiming to market globally, we pursue better food safety every day.

As the previous high-voltage freshness maintain technology have to set the stainless board in the refrigerating storage to make sure the high-voltage is full of the space, supplementary installment fee will be high. Our device can have an effect on the whole space, so the investment can be kept at low level.


Simple and Economical

When compared to similar products, our product is much smaller and cheaper compare to the large refrigerators or freezers.


Compact and Occupy Little Space

Safely use due to the low voltage and low frequency. Certificated by PSE Mandatory Conformity Assessment.


Safety Design

Electrical Appliances Safety Standard. The technology has approved PSE certification. High efficiency/energy saving ROHS and CE marking certification shall be acquired for complete compliance with European standards.


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