Warranty Term and Rights


Warranty term
Product Warranty term is 3 years. Parts can be provided free of cost for 1 year. Please confirm the warranty when purchasing.


Warrant rights in the EU
All product repairs are based on fixed prices and are guaranteed for three years. We follow EU rules, and Green Iceberg must repair, replace, reduce the price or give you a refund if goods you bought turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised. If you bought a good or service onlineby telephone or mail order, you also have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and with no justification.

Free of charge, 2-year guarantee (legal guarantee) for all goods. Under EU rules you always have the right to a minimum 2-year guarantee at no cost, regardless of whether you bought your goods online, in a shop or by mail order. This 2-year guarantee is your minimum right. National rules in your country may give you extra protection: however, any deviation from EU rules must always be in the consumer’s best interest.

If goods you bought from us in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Iceland in the EU turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised, the seller must repair or replace them free of charge or give you a price reduction or a full refund. As a general rule, you will only be able to ask for a partial or full refund when it is not possible to repair or replace the goods.


How to get goods repaired, replaced or refunded
The 2-year guarantee period starts as soon as you receive your goods. In some EU countries you must inform the seller within 2 months of discovering a fault, otherwise, you may lose your right to the guarantee. Within 6 months of receiving the goods, you need to show us that the goods are faulty or not as advertised. After 6 months you need to prove that the defect already existed on receipt of the goods – for example, by showing that it is due to the poor quality of the materials used.


For in-depth information and inquiries, please contact your closest contact representative or send a request via our email: