We Offer To Our Customers


We are committed to meeting all your service needs with our team of highly trained professionals. Our wide range of services includes site surveys, project management, installation and commissioning, preventive maintenance, uninterruptible power supply. When it comes to preventive maintenance with antenna-like functions, our releases its static electricity in a wide range area within the equipped container or space. Only one discharge plate is needed for every 3m² of space. If the discharge plate or equipment is a defect you are guaranteed a new one. Gas concentrator maintenance, Ultra-Fine Bubble generator maintenance, filters, and pump repairs, other product repairs, and assembly and installation.


Provides services starting from site survey and planning. Our team evaluates the technical characteristics, overall dimensions and the requirements applicable to the freezing, refrigeration, grow-out and sewage plants for the integration of your equipment. Project coordinators provide project management services that include procurement, material tracking, budget analysis, scheduling, and project tracking.

A comprehensive range of practical training courses is available and can be customized to meet specific customer needs.


For in-depth information and inquiries, please contact your closest contact representative or send a request via our email: